Rare Breed Berkshire Pork



… "deliciously different", "really tasty", "tastes like pork used to taste" are just some of the comments we have enjoyed hearing from our many customers. You too are sure to notice the difference in the taste of our free-range Berkshire rare breed pork.

The bacon, ham, sausages and chicken that my cafes get from the Tudge family is incomparable. The sausages taste of pork not absurd flavourings; and the bacon makes you want to have bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning
— Bill Sewell, Cafe @ All Saints.


We rear our pigs using traditional farming methods. Traditional pig arks set in a field environment ensure our pigs have freedom of movement and enjoy a natural existence in the great outdoors! When the weather is at its worst and the fields are like the Somme we move the pigs into sheds where they live in family groups on thick beds of straw.

Our pigs travel a very short 20 minutes to the local abattoir at Leintwardine and so suffer minimal stress.

The Berkshire pigs produce delicious succulent meat, which we cure and smoke on-site with untreated oak wood chips. The sausages are a traditional pork sausage with no fancy additions, just a high meat content and a delicious flavour.

… and there’s more…

Also available as Loin, Chops, Steaks, Leg, Cured Ham, Pork shoulder casserole cubes, pork mince, with other cuts readily available upon request. We will happily bone and roll joints if you require.