Venison & Mushroom Lasagne

Wild Venison & mushroom Lasagne - to serve 10


Thanks to Bill Sewell - Cafe @ All Saints for providing this recipe.


For the Venison & Mushroom filling

250g                 smoked bacon diced
400g                 onions peeled & diced ( 1cm)
2                      cloves garlic crushed or finely chopped
1kg                   minced venison
500g                 mushrooms diced (2cm)
3 x 400g           tinned tomatoes (blended)
50g                   dried ceps or dried mixed wild mushrooms
100ml               warm water
Few sprigs of thyme

For the cheese sauce

100g                 Butter – roughly chopped
100g                 Plain flour
1 litre               milk
2                      bay leaves
125g                 Cheddar grated
¼ tsp                ground nutmeg

To assemble

75g                   Parmesan grated
125g                 breadcrumbs
500g                 lasagne sheets


To make the Venison and Mushroom mix

1.      Finely chop the garlic and cook in a very large pan with the olive oil, onions & smoked bacon until the onions are soft.
2.      Brown the minced venison in batches add to the onions and cook on a low heat with the lid on for about half an hour. Deglaze the pan from browning the mince with red wine and add to the pot.
3.      Add the mushrooms and finely chopped thyme and cook until the mushrooms have softened a little, then add the blended, tinned tomatoes. Take the soaked ceps out of their soaking liquor and chop them finely then add them to the pan together with their soaking liquor. Simmer for a further half hour to an hour until the correct consistency has been reached. Finally, season to taste with salt and pepper.

To make cheese sauce

1.      To make the sauce – pour the milk into a pan with the bay leaves and bring just to boiling point. In another, large, pan heat the butter in a large pan until it begins to foam, then tip in the flour and mix it well into the butter.
2.      When the mixture, the roux, begins to bubble and become paler in colour begin adding the hot milk straining it through a sieve. To avoid lumps, you need to add the milk a little at a time - aim for about a tenth of the total quantity each time. After each addition of milk bring the sauce back to the boil, then simmer and stir until thick and lump-free. When you have added all the milk, bring the sauce to the boil and then immediately take off the heat, stir in the grated Cheddar and nutmeg then salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

 To assemble and bake

1.      Mix the grated Cheddar and breadcrumbs together, adding a little salt and freshly ground black pepper to season. Then layer all the separate parts of the lasagne into baking dish. (Bake at 400F / 200C until bubbling and golden brown.

 Order of Assembly

1.      Venison filling
2.      Lasagne sheets
3.      cheese sauce
4.      Lasagne sheets
5.      Venison filling
6.      Lasagne sheets
7.      Cheese sauce
8.      Cheese and breadcrumb topping


Courtesy of Bill Sewell, photograph by Jay Watson

Courtesy of Bill Sewell, photograph by Jay Watson